New Alresford Town Trust

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This is a list of documents held by Hampshire Record Office relating to New Alresford Town Trust in this sub-group.


Title deeds (7M50/N)



Title deeds to property on the east side of Broad Street at the northern end, to the south of the millstream (packet annotated 'Fire Engine House')
The property was sold in 1694 by Priscilla Worlidge and Rebecca Worlidge of Bramdean, spinsters, to Daniel Veck the younger of New Alresford, fellmonger, when it was described as a parcel of ground with a frontage of 34 feet. By 1704 when Veck mortgaged it to William Fly (of West Tisted, brickburner), there was a messuage on the land. By 1742 Daniel had died and had been succeeded by his son John, and the mortgage had descended to Thomas, son of Fry's executor Thomas Stevens
In the following year John Veck transferred the property (including a fellmongers yard) to his son Daniel', in 1777 Daniel Veck leased it for 14 years to John Hart junior and Bulbeck Dancaster the younger, woolstaplers. By 1843 it had passed to the Revd Henry Aubrey Veck of Forton, Alverstoke (son of Richard Aubrey Veck and Elizabeth his wife); after his death his widow Dorothy sold it to William Bailey, boot and shoe maker, after whose death in 1880 it was sold to Mrs Susanna Eliza Covey
By this time the messuage had been divided into two 1694-1894 tenements lately occupied by William Bailey and George Hall. In 1881 Mrs Covey sold the property to the Bailliff and Burgesses of New Alresford Borough; it was vested in the Town Trustees in 1890.
Includes sale poster, 1880; the 1881 conveyance includes a site plan.
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For an insurance policy on Daniel Veck's house, see A6



Title deeds to copyhold property in Pound Hill, extending from Drove Lane on either side of the road to Alresford: admissions of the cogitative trustees, 1890 and 1916; agreement for compensation on extinguishment of manorial incidents, 1927
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Agreement concerning window in house of George Frederick Gunner overlooking property of the Trustees



Wayleave agreement with the National Telephone Company in respect of The Avenue



Drafts and final copy of grant of right of way for widening footpath along Ashburton Place, by Town Trustees to Winchester RDC
Includes plans and correspondence



Draft tenancy agreement for Fair Field and Hurdle House between the Trustees and Thomas E Bennett



Deeds and drafts relating to wayleaves and kiosks for gas supply
Includes map showing wayleave in respect of The Avenue for the Alresford Gas Company (undated but probably 1945 as mentioned in next item); letter from Southampton and District Gas Undertaking concerning wayleave, 1951 ; grant of easement to Southern Gas Board for gas main at The Avenue, including plan, 1957; draft lease of land at Bridge Road and The Avenue to Southern Gas Board as sites for kiosks, with plans, 1957



Deeds and papers relating to wayleaves for electricity supply Includes notice relating to stays at Ashburton Place, 1947; wayleave agreement in respect of land at north end of Broad Street, 1951; correspondence concerning agreement with Parish Council in respect of wayleave at The Avenue, 1953



Receipt for tithe redemption in respect of Recreation Ground



Extract from conveyance of land as site for swimming pool



Plan of land at entrance to drive of Perins School (being conveyed for improvement to driveway?)



Case and legal opinion of I P Widgery concerning collection of quit rents by the Trustees, payable to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners



Draft lease of the Old Fire Station, Broad Street, by the Trustees to Winchester Rural District Council
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Lists of deeds and documents
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